WIPO Welcomes Australia’s Continuing Support of IP Capacity-Building Projects

Geneva, October 9, 2015

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry welcomed on October 9, 2015 an Australian contribution of AUD 3 million for projects to help developing and least developing countries (LDCs) build capacity in the field of intellectual property.

The Director General thanked the Government of Australia for its support. “WIPO is very grateful for the generous contribution from Australia which will enable continuation of the important work being done for the development of the capacity of least developed and developing countries to take advantage of the economic benefits of innovation and creativity.”

In a statement, Australia’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization Hamish McCormick said “Australia’s contribution demonstrates its commitment to assisting least-developed and developing countries to promote and protect their creativity and innovation through the intellectual property and multilateral system” and recognizes the strong collaboration between WIPO and Australia.

IP Australia Director General Patricia Kelly said that she is pleased to be able to build on the outcomes achieved under the first FIT. “IP Australia is proud to continue the work of the WIPO Australia Funds in Trust program, which will allow our partner countries to develop their IP systems and enhance their capacity to use IP to aid economic development”.

Australia’s FIT program began in 2012 with an investment of AUD$2 million in a range of innovative projects to help build capacity and address gaps in IP systems in developing and least developed partner countries, such as development of national IP strategies, support for researchers from developing countries under the WIPO Re:Search program, and supporting the production of books for people with print disabilities through the Accessible Books Consortium.

Australia announced its contribution at the WIPO General Assembly which is meeting in Geneva from October 5-14, 2015.

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