Global Network of IP Academies Agrees to Intensify Cooperation

Geneva, June 11, 2009

The third meeting of the Global Network of Intellectual Property (IP) Academies (GNIPA) meeting in Munich, Germany, on June 9 and 10, 2009, at the European Patent Office (EPO), agreed to further intensify cooperation among its members. The event provided an opportunity for representatives of IP academies and training and research institutes to review progress on a common action plan, to exchange practical experiences and to share best practices with a view to enhancing IP education and training, and the management of IP Academies. 

Members of the GNIPA agreed:  to develop a coherent approach to e-learning/distance learning; to study evaluation methodologies for IP training courses; to introduce a mechanism to facilitate access to and dissemination of GNIPA educational materials; and to develop an on-line collaborative space to further enhance the GNIPA alliance. 

Participants also noted the preliminary results of an international survey on IP Academies – covering their structures, objectives and achievements to date - and welcomed the launch of an international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. The GNIPA, which meets annually, was established in 2007 and is mandated to promote IP education, training and research globally. 

The fourth Symposium in 2010 will be hosted by the International Intellectual Property Training Institute (IIPTI), which is part of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), in Seoul, Republic of Korea. 

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