WIPO to Launch New IP Portal

August 15, 2019

We will be launching our new IP Portal in the coming months – a one-stop shop to our full range of online intellectual property (IP) services. Integrating our services into a single, simple portal will give consistency in the way users interact with WIPO. Underlying business processes will stay the same, so the way you conduct your interactions with WIPO will not change.

Video: An introduction to WIPO's IP portal

Key features

  • Unified navigation – Harmonized top navigation on all existing IP services, facilitating movement between services.

  • Single sign on – Log in just once using your existing WIPO Account username and password to navigate freely between services.

  • Modernized look and feel – Integrated services are implementing a common user interface for a consistent, unified user experience

  • Customized dashboard – New, widget-based dashboard for logged in users, providing an overview of and shortcuts to existing IP services as well as a summary of transactions, portfolios and outstanding actions.

  • Streamlined payments – You can view and process your payments in the IP Portal for Hague transactions.  PCT and Madrid transactions will follow at a later stage.  New payment channels such as PayPal are being introduced, but you can still use your Current Account at WIPO as your primary payment method.

  • Single messaging system – Gradual introduction of a centralized messaging system for our IP services. Note: Messages will continue to be sent via email, and will still exist within the business systems too.

What will look different?

Standard features are being introduced across the top of the IP services; the services themselves will not change.

Example: WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE database featuring the new IP Portal top navigation, showing some of the features for non-logged in and logged in users.

Non-logged in users

WIPO's PATENTSCOPE database interface showing some of the features of the new IP Portal for non-logged users

Logged in users

WIPO's PATENTSCOPE database interface showing some of the features of the new IP Portal for logged in users