Regulations under the PCT

Rule 96
The Schedule of Fees;  Receipt and Transfer of Fees

96.1       Schedule of Fees Annexed to Regulations

The amounts of the fees referred to in Rules 15, 45bis.2 and 57 shall be expressed in Swiss currency. They shall be specified in the Schedule of Fees which is annexed to these Regulations and forms an integral part thereof.

96.2       Notification of Receipt of Fees;  Transfer of Fees

(a)  For the purposes of this Rule, “Office” shall mean the receiving Office (including the International Bureau acting as receiving Office), the International Searching Authority, an Authority specified for supplementary international search, the International Preliminary Examining Authority or the International Bureau.

(b)  Where, in accordance with these Regulations or the Administrative Instructions, a fee is collected by one Office (“collecting Office”) for the benefit of another Office (“beneficiary Office”), the collecting Office shall promptly notify the receipt of each such fee in accordance with the Administrative Instructions.  Upon receipt of the notification, the beneficiary Office shall proceed as if it had received the fee on the date on which the fee was received by the collecting Office.

(c)  The collecting Office shall transfer any fees collected for the benefit of a beneficiary Office to that Office in accordance with the Administrative Instructions.