PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter XIX: Miscellaneous

Certifying Copies of the International Application

334. The applicant may request the receiving Office to prepare a certified copy of the international application as filed with it as receiving Office (Rule 21.2). If any prescribed fee has not yet been paid, the receiving Office invites (Form PCT/RO/128) the applicant to pay the required amount, upon receipt of which the certified copy is prepared and furnished to the applicant (Form PCT/RO/122) or, where the applicant has made a request for priority document under Rule 17.1(b) (paragraph 183), to the International Bureau. The certified copy must contain a copy of the international application as originally filed as well as corrections (including rectifications) thereto. Where a sheet was replaced, it is recommended to insert the replacement sheet into the certified copy immediately after the sheet originally filed. For a request to certify a copy of an international application and transmit it to the International Bureau, see paragraphs 183 to 191.