PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter XV:Rectification of Obvious Mistakes Under Rule 91

Transmittal to Another Authority of a Request for Rectification

307. If the receiving Office receives a request for rectification of an obvious mistake in any part of the international application other than the request or in other papers or items (such as a nucleotide and/or amino acid sequence listing in ST. 25 text format), it transmits that request for rectification together with any proposed replacement sheet to the Authority competent to authorize the rectification (that is, the International Searching Authority, the International Preliminary Examining Authority or the International Bureau, as the case may be) and informs the applicant accordingly (Rule 91.1(b)(ii) to (iv)). It may, instead of transmitting the request for rectification, inform the applicant that the request for rectification should be sent to the Authority competent to rectify the mistake. For the language(s) in which such request for rectification must be submitted, see Rule 12.2(b).