PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter VIII: Missing Parts or Erroneously Filed Elements or Parts in the International Application

Missing Parts and Reference to Drawings in the International Application

193. The receiving Office checks whether the international application appears to be complete and that no pages are missing or appear not to contain all the information intended by comparing the number of pages indicated in the check list with the number of pages actually received, by checking the page numbering throughout and by checking the individual pages for any obvious omissions and legibility of all parts. See paragraphs 45 to 50 for the processing of international applications where entire elements appear to be missing. See paragraphs 39 to 54 for the processing of international applications which appear to have an Article 11(1) defect.

194. The receiving Office examines the check list in the request and the text of the international application for reference to drawings (including flow sheets and diagrams (Rule 7.1)) and checks whether drawings are included. If the receiving Office finds a reference to drawings and those drawings are not included or not all drawings referred to are included in the international application, it indicates that fact on the last sheet of the request, in the right-hand side of the box “for receiving Office use only” by marking the check-box relating to the non-receipt of drawings. That check-box must only be marked where a reference to drawings is made and any of the drawings referred to is missing. Where that check-box is marked, the receiving Office indicates in that same box, under the marked check-box, which sheet(s) or figure(s) has (have) not been received. The check list (Box No. IX of the request) may need to be corrected (paragraphs 149, 150 and 161 to 165). If the record copy and the search copy have already been transmitted, the receiving Office sends a copy of that last sheet to the International Bureau and the International Searching Authority.