Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Section 327
Ex Officio
Correction of Request by the Receiving Office

(a)  Subject to paragraph (d), where the record copy has not yet been sent to the International Bureau and the request requires correction because it contains an inconsistency or a minor defect such as non-compliance with the requirement for indications under Section 115, the receiving Office may correct the request ex officio. If the receiving Office does so, it shall notify the applicant accordingly.

(b)  When making a correction under paragraph (a), the receiving Office shall enter, in the margin, the letters "RO." Where any matter is to be deleted, the receiving Office shall enclose such matter within square brackets and shall draw a line between the square brackets while still leaving the deleted matter legible. Where any matter is to be replaced, both the first and second sentences of this paragraph shall apply.

(c)  The receiving Office shall check the number of characters of the file reference, if any, and shall delete any characters beyond the number permitted by Section 109.

(d)  The receiving Office shall not make any ex officio correction to declarations referred to in Rule 4.17 which are contained in the request.