March 2023 | No. 03/2023


New/Updated PCT Resources

New webinar recordings

Webinars in English

Recordings of the following webinars in English:

  • “Everything you need to know about ePCT” webinar series: What's New for Applicants in ePCT (21 and 23 February 2023);

as well as the supporting documents, can now be accessed at:


Newly introduced PCT Resources in Japanese

In response to a request from a number of Japanese-speaking users, the Japanese PCT website now provides two new PCT resources in Japanese.

A provisional Japanese translation of the PCT Administrative Instructions as in force from 1 July, 2022 is available in PDF format alongside the English HTML version on the Legal Texts page at:


A search function for the Practical Advice section of the PCT Newsletter in Japanese has also recently been launched.  This is the same tool provided in the English version.  The function allows users to enter a keyword to look for a Practical Advice section in which the keyword appears.  The tool is available in the “Links” box on the right hand side of the PCT Newsletter page at:


Recording and supporting documents for ePCT Webinar Series

A recording of the first webinar recently presented by Carl Oppedahl (PCT Consultant), together with supporting documents, are now available at the following addresses:

The above webinars are the first two in a series of sixteen.  Further information and registration for the further fourteen upcoming ePCT webinars is available at: