April 2022 | No. 04/2022


WIPO Account:  What’s New?

It is recalled that a WIPO Account allows you to access WIPO’s full range of services, including the online filing and management of PCT applications (ePCT) and payment of fees.  You can also benefit from the wealth of special features and functionalities of WIPO’s IP Portal that are only available to you if you are logged in with your WIPO Account, such as the customizable dashboard of widgets or the personal messaging system that groups all the notifications addressed to you by different WIPO online services.  For further information on the benefits of logging in with a WIPO Account, please visit: 


To further enhance the user experience, we have introduced the following new features in WIPO Account:

WIPO Account specific support pages

New FAQs and “HOW TO” pages are available at, respectively:



These pages guide you through the creation and management of your WIPO Account.  You can access these pages via “HELP” in the top navigation bar of the WIPO IP Portal login page or via your WIPO Account page after login. 

Recovery e‑mail

You can now include a recovery e‑mail address in your WIPO Account profile, in case you need to retrieve your username or password and can no longer access the e‑mail address associated with your WIPO Account.  You can find out more on the WIPO Account “HOW TO” page

New strong authentication method:  push notifications

As already mentioned in “ePCT Update” above, we have introduced “push notification” as an additional strong authentication method, whereby you can register a mobile device to receive push notifications via your WIPO Account.  Please note that strong authentication is currently only used by ePCT.  For further information on push notifications, please refer to ePCT Update.

Further information

If you don’t have a WIPO Account, you can create one in just a few clicks at:


To access your WIPO Account profile, please go to: 


If you have any questions on WIPO Account, please use the “Contact us” page at: