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PCT in the News

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Key IP considerations for smaller enterprises

An article by Phil Wadsworth (Senior Advisor, Innovation Council (previously Chief Patent Counsel, Qualcomm)), together with Jennifer Brant and Peter Brown (Innovation Council), looks at how important it is, in order to ensure the success of small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs) in the ever‑expanding innovation economy, to build awareness among small businesses about how to protect and manage their intellectual property assets. 

“While the patenting process can be onerous for SMEs, the WIPO-administered Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) offers a cost-effective option when seeking protection in multiple countries.  For example, by filing a single international application under the PCT, an applicant can defer the payment of some significant patent filing fees relating to internationalization by 2.5 years, allowing time to assess the commercial value of an invention.  In addition, a growing number of countries offer discounts to SMEs, to make the process more affordable,” states Phil Wadsworth.

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