July-August 2021 | No. 07-08/2021


Exceptional Non-working Days

Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines has notified the IB that it was not open to the public for the transaction of official business on 20 July 2021, due to the designation of that day as a regular holiday throughout the country by the President of the Philippines.

It is recalled that, pursuant to PCT Rule 80.5, if the expiration of any period during which any document or fee in connection with an international application was required to reach one of the above‑mentioned Offices fell on one of the closed dates indicated for the Office concerned, that period is extended so as to expire on the next subsequent day on which the Office reopened to the public for the purposes of the transaction of official business.

This information updates the list of closed dates, as furnished to the IB by Offices, which is available at: