January 2020 | No. 01/2020


WIPO Digital Access Service for Priority Documents

It is recalled that, by using the WIPO Digital Access Service for Priority Documents (DAS), a PCT applicant can request the International Bureau (IB) to retrieve a copy of an earlier application from DAS for use as a priority document, instead of providing or arranging for the provision of a certified copy.  Note that, in order to be able to make use of the DAS service, the national/regional office with which the earlier application was filed must be a DAS depositing Office, and not necessarily the receiving Office with which the international application is filed. 

International Bureau

As from 15 January 2020, the IB, in its role as depositing Office, will accept requests from applicants to register certified copies of international applications for industrial designs under the Hague Agreement as priority documents in DAS.

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Japan Patent Office

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) has extended the scope of the DAS digital library to include JPO industrial designs, with effect from 1 January 2020.

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