June 2019 | No. 06/2019


PCT Statistics 2018

The PCT Yearly Review, 2019 edition

The 2019 edition of the PCT Yearly Review summarizes PCT activities and developments in 2018.  It contains a comprehensive set of statistics relating to PCT filings (including filings by top countries of origin, by top applicants and by technical field) and the performance of the international patent system in 2018, as well as statistics relating to national phase entries in 2017 (the latest available year). 

The special theme in the PCT Yearly Review this year is “40 years of the Patent Cooperation Treaty” and analyzes the long‑term trends for the international and national phases of the PCT, the emergence of additional key global economic players and the development of new technologies.  It looks at which applicants have made the greatest use of the PCT, and in which countries and regions of the world applicants have applied the most for patent protection through the PCT over time.  Furthermore, it summarizes the main changes to the PCT legal framework since 1978.

The PCT Yearly Review is available in English at:


An Executive Summary of the PCT Yearly Review will be available shortly in the following nine languages:  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.