Getting Started with Electronic Filing (e-filing)

To What do I use? How do I go about it?
Prepare the request online and file PCT applications to receiving Offices that are ready for ePCT (see Annex C of the PCT Applicant's Guide) ePCT Create your WIPO account at the ePCT portal where you will also find all necessary information via the SUPPORT link and then set up strong authentication methods.
For other offices (see Annex C of the PCT Applicant's Guide): prepare the request and send applications online PCT-SAFE Client Download and install the latest version of the software from our website. Find user documentation and other support material
Prepare the application body (abstract, description, claims and drawings) in XML or PDF format Application body Converter (Docx to XML) or other XML authoring tool that can generate Annex F compliant application bodies

WIPO's converter can be used online within ePCT (or accessed directly).

Software to convert Word Processor (and drawings) files into PDF format Not available with WIPO, but many products are on the market.
Electronically sign and transmit PCT applications using PCT-SAFE A digital certificate Enroll online with the WIPO Customer Certification Authority.
Upload post-filing documents to your PCT applications ePCT Via your WIPO account signing in either with or without strong authentication methods
To check the status of PCT applications and documents, to submit a wide range of online requests such as changes under Rule 92bis, withdrawal of an application, Chapter II Demand etc., to check the target date for international publication. ePCT

You must sign in to your WIPO account with a strong authentication method and have access to your applications. For more details, please refer to topics such as eOwnership and access rights on the ePCT SUPPORT page.