Demo Environment for Test Filings

The PCT-SAFE Demo environment has been set up to enable PCT users to practice and familiarize themselves with the PCT-SAFE system.  (The Production mode is for real fully electronic filings.)  In order to file to the Demo server,  select the option "demo mode" when starting PCT-SAFE:



The File Manager will also indicate that the Demo mode has been selected:


Applications are created and submitted as follows:

  • create the PCT-SAFE request form;
  • attach the application body in XML format (created, e.g., with the PCT-SAFE Editor) or application documents, e.g., in PDF format;
  • digitally sign;
  • submit on-line. 

For further details please see User Guides and eLearning tutorials. Note: Applications filed in the demo environment must not contain any confidential or sensitive data.  A  Demo receipt [PDF] will be issued confirming that the demo filing has been successfully completed.  For any questions, please contact the PCT e-Services Help Desk.