How to renew your certificate

The WIPO Certification Authority has been upgraded and it's no longer possible to renew a G2 certificate.

If you still require a WIPO digital certificate for using a PCT e-filing software other than ePCT online system, you can enroll for a new certificate. To do this please refer to "How to enroll for your certificate: Mozilla Firefox". Please note that only Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox can be used, other browsers are not supported.

Advice for ePCT users:

Users are reminded that instead of using WIPO digital certificates, you can now sign in to ePCT with a one-time password generated either by a standard app (such as Google Authenticator), or sent by text message (SMS) to your mobile phone. The best practice is to set up at least two strong authentication methods to ensure ePCT access in all circumstances. For details, please see topic "Strong authentication" on the ePCT HELP page.