How to import your certificate

This user guide has been prepared using Mozilla Firefox 40. The screenshots and other details may differ if you use another version of the browser.


There may be a number of reasons for importing a copy of a WIPO CA certificate, e.g. for enabling access to ePCT private services after a computer or a browser change or upgrade.  These are the steps to follow:


1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • If you use Windows, click Tools and Options. Select Privacy & Security from the left-hand menu (scroll down to the bottom), then the Certificates tab and finally the View Certificates button.
  • If you use Mac OS X, select Tools > Apps from the Firefox menu bar or click the Open menu icon at the top right corner; click Preferences and select Privacy & Security from the left-hand menu, then the Certificates tab and finally the View Certificates button.
FF view certificate


2. Under the Your Certificates tab, click Import.



3. Browse to the location where your certificate file is stored (if you use PCT-SAFE, the default location for certificates is the C:\PCT-SAFE\PKCS12 folder). If you don’t remember the location of the certificate, search for files with the extension .p12 or .pfx.


Select the file and click Open.



4. Enter the password you created when you made a backup copy of your certificate, then click OK.



5. Click OK.



Your digital certificate is now visible in the Firefox certificates list and ready for use.


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