How to enroll for your certificate

These instructions have been prepared for Internet Explorer 11.0. The screenshots and other details may differ if you use another version of the browser. 

If you are an ePCT user, please enroll for your WIPO Customer CA digital certificate via the ePCT portal and refer to "How to request a WIPO Digital Certificate in ePCT"; otherwise click here for the enrollment link page and follow the instructions below.

ePCT users are also reminded that there are other strong authentication methods as efficient alternatives to WIPO digital certificates: one-time password generated either by a standard app (such as Google Authenticator), or sent by text message (SMS) to your mobile phone.

IMPORTANT: The certificate enrollment and pick-up/retrieval can only be done using the same internet browser, either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Other internet browsers, such as Edge, Google Chrome, Safari etc... are not compatible.

1. Fill in the enrollment form with your first name and last name spelled in full and in Latin characters, enter your email address, click Continue to submit your request. A comment can be added if required, preferably in English. 

IMPORTANT: WIPO digital certificates may only be issued to individuals, not in the name of companies. Individuals working for companies are invited to enroll for certificates using their own names.

Enroll G4

2. A confirmation message is displayed to confirm that your request was successfully submitted. Take note of the Certificate enrollment code which might be required at the time of pick-up/retrieval.

You may contact PCT eServices if you lost the enrollment code.

enrollment code

3. The enrollment process is now complete. The WIPO Customer Certification Authority aims to approve certificate requests within one WIPO working day.

Once your request is approved, you will receive an e-mail notification containing a link in order to pick up/retrieve your certificate. It is recommended to copy and paste the link into the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser which you used for the enrollment. If you click on the link your default browser will open and it may be a different internet browser.


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