How to enroll for your certificate

This user guide has been prepared using Mozilla Firefox 40. The screenshots and other details may differ if you use another version of the browser.

If you are an ePCT user please enroll for your WIPO Customer CA digital certificate via the ePCT portal by clicking on the link to ‘Obtain/Upload a certificate’; otherwise click here.


1. Fill in the enrollment form with your first name and last name spelled in full (if not already pre-filled by ePCT) and your email address; the challenge phrase can consist of a single word. 

Important: WIPO Customer CA digital certificates may only be issued to individuals, not in the name of companies. Individuals working for companies are invited to enroll for certificates using their own names.




2. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page, read the subscriber agreement and click Submit. 


3. Confirm your e-mail address (if it is misspelled, you will not receive the approval e-mail with instructions to pick up your certificate from the Symantec website).




4. The enrollment process is now complete and you will soon receive a certificate request acknowledgement by e-mail. The WIPO Customer Certification Authority aims to approve certificate requests within one WIPO working day.




Once your request is approved, you will receive a second e-mail containing a Personal Identification Number and a URL where to pick up your certificate.