How to pick up your certificate and save a copy of it

These instructions have been prepared for Internet Explorer 11.0. The screenshots and other details may differ if you use another version of the browser.

Once you have received the approval e-mail from the WIPO Customer CA, which provides you with a hyperlink to the Digital ID Center and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can proceed with the installation of your digital certificate. Important: you must use the same computer and internet browser as for the enrollment, so you may want to open that browser first, copy the hyperlink from the e-mail and paste it into the browser's address field. 

1. Click PICK UP ID.


CertRetrieve 01


2. Enter the PIN, preferably by copying it from the approval e-mail and pasting it into the field shown below, to avoid typing errors. Then click Submit.





3. Click Yes.





4. Your certificate is now installed in the system and can be used in the browser.




5. You can view and manage your digital certificate in Internet Explorer, and in order to create a backup copy of it, you will need to export the certificate from the browser.  With the backup copy you will be able to access ePCT private services also on other browsers or after a browser upgrade. If you use the PCT-SAFE software, the backup file is necessary for online filing purposes.


Click Tools and select Internet Options.




6. Open the Content tab and click Certificates.




7. Select the certificate to be exported under the Personal tab and then click Export.




8. In the Certificate Export Wizard, click Next.



9. Tick the box to export the private key and click Next.




10. Tick the first and third box of the Personal Information Exchange part and click Next.



 11. Enter a password of your choice and confirm it. ePCT users will need this password when they import the certificate to access ePCT private services on other browsers or after a browser upgrade. For PCT-SAFE users, this password will be needed for electronically signing and submitting PCT applications online. Click Next.




12. Click Browse.




13. Choose a folder or other location, for example on a mobile device. For the PCT-SAFE client software, the default location is the C:\PCT-SAFE\PKCS12 folder. Provide a name for your certificate (e.g. MyWIPOCert); the file extension will be added automatically. Click Open.



14. Click Next.




15. Click Finish.



16. Click OK.




17. Your certificate is now stored and can be copied and used on other devices. It also serves as a backup in case of a computer or a browser change or upgrade when you may need to import the certificate. For PCT-SAFE users it is strongly recommended to keep the backup copy in a location outside the PCT-SAFE folder (e.g. on a portable memory device for use on other computers if necessary).





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