E-filing Offices

The International Bureau encourages PCT applicants to use ePCT-Filing, which is available for online filing at 64 receiving Offices, including RO/IB, and for preparing and validating the RO/101 data for submission to the e-filing systems of other receiving Offices such as RO/CA, RO/IL and RO/US that do not accept direct online filings.

We recommend filing via browser-based ePCT, thus avoiding any downloads and software updates.

If you do not already have a WIPO account, please create one, and then set up strong authentication in order to access the 'Create new IA' feature to prepare international applications.

Click on the 'HELP' link on the ePCT home page for further details on getting started, filing and many other topics.

To see the requirements and options of the receiving Offices that accept the filing of PCT international applications in fully electronic format, please refer to PCT Applicant's Guide – Annex C .