The International Bureau encourages PCT applicants to use ePCT-Filing, which is available for online filing at 75 receiving Offices, including RO/IB, and for preparing and validating the RO/101 data for submission to the e-filing systems of other receiving Offices such as RO/CA, RO/IL and RO/US that do not accept direct online filings.

We recommend filing via browser-based ePCT, thus avoiding any downloads and software updates.

If you do not already have a WIPO account, please create one, and then set up strong authentication in order to access the 'Create new IA' feature to prepare international applications.

Click on the 'HELP' link on the ePCT home page for further details on getting started, filing and many other topics.



As of 01 July 2022 the International Bureau will no longer develop, distribute or support PCT-SAFE software.

PCT-SAFE users are advised to start using ePCT-Filing as soon as possible.

For further information or assistance, please contact the PCT Operations Customer Support Section

The following receiving Offices still accept PCT-SAFE filings:

  • DE (direct filing)
  • GB (direct filing)
  • IL (download the filing package for submission via the Office's e-filing system)
  • KR (download the filing package for submissin via the Office's e-filing system)
  • US (download the request form zip for upload to EFS-Web)

Client version – January 1, 2022

This is a full installation for the PCT-SAFE client. It can be used to upgrade previous versions of the PCT-SAFE client or to effect a completely new installation. For the installation, local administrator rights are required. After installation no special access rights are required for using the software.

The PCT-SAFE Client will run on Microsoft Windows® 7/8/10. It is intended for use on standalone PCs and has not been designed for server installation or for virtual environments.

Download software (approximately 127 MB)

Release notes PDF, PCT-Safe Client version release notes | What's new? PDF, PCT-Safe Client version, what's new?

Certificates: Applicants wishing to submit an international application online using PCT-SAFE need a digital certificate.


  • Download the installation file pct-safe-3.51.098-bin.exe.
  • Export any form or address book data to a location outside the C:\PCT-SAFE folder as a backup.
  • Ensure that PCT-SAFE is not running.
  • Run the pct-safe-3.51.098-bin.exe from the local drive, using the same installation destination directory (C:\PCT-SAFE) as the previous installation (if any).
  • The previous installation will be overwritten.
  • During the installation, when prompted, accept the update of the demo and production databases.
  • During the installation, when prompted, 'overwrite all' existing fee schedules.
  • At the end of the installation restart the computer.

Minimum system requirements

  • Computer processor: 600MHz; available hard disk space: 1GB; RAM: 256 MB
  • Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, from version 7.x, or other PDF viewer software
  • Internet connection for the purposes of online transmission

Client version – October 1, 2021

Download software (approximately 127 MB)

Release notes PDF, PCT-Safe Client version release notes | What's new? PDF, PCT-Safe Client version, what's new?

XML Authoring

To generate an application body for your PCT application in XML, you can use WIPO's docx to XML conversion tool, available here. It is also integrated into ePCT.



By using the PCT-SAFE software, the user acknowledges and agrees that the software is provided "as is," with no warranties, either express or implied.  The International Bureau makes every effort to ensure, but cannot guarantee the correct operation of the software, including but not limited to the validation functionalities, and makes no warranties or representations in connection with the acquisition and/or use of the software.  The International Bureau assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors, omissions, deficiencies or defects in the PCT-SAFE software or in international applications prepared using that software, or for loss or damage of any nature incurred in connection with the acquisition and/or use of the software.  As a result, the content of an international application prepared using the software is the user's responsibility. The International Bureau urges users to carefully check the request form and the application body before submission to the receiving Office. 


PCT-SAFE users are reminded that compliance with any national security prescriptions applicable under national law is the applicant's responsibility.