WIPO Patent Drafting Training Program

Inventors and other users of the patent system may not necessarily have all the fundamental knowledge and expertise they need to draft and file a patent application. Yet filing a carefully crafted patent application is the first effective step towards protecting an invention.

WIPO offers tailor-made workshops to help users improve their patent drafting skills and techniques. These events, held regularly as part of WIPO’s human capacity building activities, are organized in collaboration with member states, national and regional intellectual property (IP) offices and institutions.

  • staff of institutions dealing with technology support – such as technology transfer offices of universities, public research centers or WIPO Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs);
  • government agencies involved in providing technology development assistance; and
  • patent agents and patent agent candidates.

Please contact the relevant IP office for further information on future patent drafting training events in your region.

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WIPO Patent Drafing Manual

Guide for drafting and filing a patent application.



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WIPO National Patent Drafting Workshop – Casablanca (November 2019)

A workshop in Casablanca on drafting patents in different technology areas aimed to improve the patent drafting skills of pro bono expert collaborators in the Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) in Morocco.