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Subject: WIPO GREEN newsletter, October 2014

Newsletter, October 2014

Latest WIPO GREEN Partners

Crosstaff solutions

Crosstaff enables its clients to meet their business and operational objectives through the use of technologies that increase resource efficiency and reduce negative environmental impacts. They achieve this through the expert, rapid and strategic assembly and management of the resources required to do so.

Waseda University Environmental Research Institute, Japan

The Institute’s mission is to understand precisely the nature of environmental problems and to solve them taking a multidisciplinary approach, as opposed to using a traditional compartmentalized approach.

The Environmental Research Institute develops research activities that offer a practical social system by building a collaborative relationship among the public, business, government and academics; and moreover to realize a globalized partnership with institutions overseas, making full use of the unique features of each organization and research activity.


WIPO GREEN technology highlight

Anaerobic waste water treatment system, IHI-IC Reactor

The IHI-IC Reactor is a UASB anaerobic waste water treatment system developed in the Netherlands which reduces cost and saves space by using waste water to create energy. This technology has a proven record of commercial use.


Register with the WIPO GREEN Roster of Service Providers

This is an online register of service providers and consultants who can provide technical assistance, advice and consultancy in all areas of green technology transfer and deal-making.

If you are a green technology expert, IP attorney, or in finance, engineering, or environmental consulting, take advantage of the WIPO GREEN Roster and register your services for free and increase your visibility among the global green technology community.

Official launch will be in winter 2014.


WIPO GREEN backed by AIPPI’s Standing Committee on Intellectual Property and Green Technology

The report issued by AIPPI supports WIPO GREEN’s attempts to further voluntary licensing of green technology packages.


WIPO GREEN at the World Summit of Regions for Climate on October 10th and 11th in Paris

This Summit, organized by WIPO GREEN Partner R20 Regions of Climate Action will bring together regions and local governments from across five continents, as well as economic leaders, in order to formulate a new international agreement on climate change.

It will mobilize regions, cities, businesses, investors and universities around a joint declaration calling for commitment to a series of concrete actions within the framework of the Road to Paris 2015, and to push forward the “positive agenda” of COP21 (Paris 2015). WIPO GREEN will present at the summit as well as have an information booth.


Global South-South Development Expo, Nov 17-21, Washington DC

WIPO GREEN will be hosting an information booth at this year's United Nations GSSD expo, The expo is hosted by the Organization of American States (OAS), with the overall coordination of UNOSSC, at OAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

WIPO's Anatole Krattiger will present WIPO GREEN at a "Scale Up session" hosted by WIPO on November 18 where he will emphasize the need for protection of intellectual assets and technology transfer in the South. Anatole will also present WIPO's waste water project, which facilitates transfer of waste water treatment technologies for the benefit of Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.


Meet the 2014 SEED Winners!

Over 320 participants from 30 countries joined the 2014 SEED Africa Symposium, which highlighted the growing opportunities in Africa for small social and green enterprises, and emphasised the importance of building strong partnerships throughout value chains and fostering private-public dialogue.

This year’s SEED Winners again demonstrate that innovation, working in partnerships, and a dedicated focus on sustainability contribute significantly towards sustainable development, and the event presented an excellent platform for the SEED Award Ceremony which celebrated these social and eco-enterprises.

We will be back next year and look forward to welcoming you at the 2015 SEED Africa Symposium!

More information about the event and the 2014 SEED Winners.


ICC conference on EU regulation on access and benefit sharing – 24-25 November, Paris, France

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is organizing a conference to help businesses and researchers better understand the significant new obligations which the EU Regulation implementing the Protocol will place on companies and organizations utilizing genetic resources (GRs) in their R&D.  It will offer a unique forum for these companies and organizations to discuss their sectorial challenges and best practices, not only cross-sectorially but also with representatives from national agencies and the European Commission.  The topic directly relates to green technologies in the context of research on genetic resources, as much R&D centers around industrial enzymes for biofuels, improved crop technology for climate change adaptation, water efficiency, etc.


Call for Climate Smart Agriculture technologies and services: Apply now for an SME Voucher to assess additional market opportunities for your technology

Climate-KIC Switzerland is issuing this call aimed at European companies developing innovative agriculture techniques with climate smart potential. The companies can gain SME vouchers in partnership with the CSA-Booster, covering a broad range of Europe’s leading experts in Agriculture and climate.

The SME vouchers will help technology developers to identify market opportunities, by providing in-kind support of up to 40,000 EUR for a feasibility study of technology introduction with carbon finance support. This study shall help companies to understand the opportunities available to benefit from local climate funds, to participate in carbon related incentive schemes such as agricultural sector NAMAs or to be registered as emission reduction project activities in any of the world’s major carbon markets. Geneva, Month+Date, Year


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