National Seminar on Biotechnology and Intellectual Property

Индекс заседания WIPO/BIOT/CRI/02
Дата и место проведения12 июня по 13 июня 2002 г. (Крым, Украина)
Тема (-ы)Науки о жизни и биотехнология, Семинары по тематике авторского права, Практикумы и семинары

Документы заседания

ИндексНазвание(-я)Файл (-ы)
WIPO/BIOT/CRI/02/1EnglishBudapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposti of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure; Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge
WIPO/BIOT/CRI/02/2EnglishThe Functioning of an International Depositary Authority in Germany
WIPO/BIOT/CRI/02/3EnglishEuropean Union Directive on the Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions: Background, Content, Scope and Future Perspectives; Implementation of the European Patent Convention: Interpretation and Practice
WIPO/BIOT/CRI/02/4EnglishProtection of New Varieties of Plants: International Dimensions
WIPO/BIOT/CRI/02/5عربي[Protection of Biotechnological Inventions in Ukraine]
Русский[Protection of Biotechnological Inventions in Ukraine]
WIPO/BIOT/CRI/02/6عربي[Protection of Plant Varieties in Ukraine]
Русский[Protection of Plant Varieties in Ukraine]