WIPO National Seminar on Copyright and Neighboring Rights for Police and Customs Officials

Date et lieu21 mai au 22 mai 1997 (Lagos, Nigéria) En présentiel
Thème(s)Séminaires relatifs au droit d'auteur, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO/CNR/LAS/97/1EnglishIntroduction to the Basic Notions of Copyright and Neighboring Rights
WIPO/CNR/LAS/97/2EnglishThe Development and Current Status of Copyright Protection in Nigeria
WIPO/CNR/LAS/97/3EnglishThe International Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights: Treaties Administered by WIPO
WIPO/CNR/LAS/97/4EnglishThe Issue of Piracy: Its Impact for Developing Countries and the Ways and Means to Fight It
WIPO/CNR/LAS/97/5EnglishThe Role of Customs Authorities in the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
WIPO/CNR/LAS/97/7EnglishRecent International Developments Concerning the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
WIPO/CNR/LAS/97/8EnglishPractical Strategies for the Implementation and Enforcement of Border Controls