WIPO and Frankfurter Buchmesse present: An international outlook on publishing, creative content and IP

Fecha y lugar14 de octubre de 2020 Virtual
Horario de las sesione11:00 - 12:00 Hora de Ginebra (Inglés)
WIPO and Frankfurter Buchmesse present the first in a series of collaborative events to offer background and insights into publishing, creative content and IP across the globe. This three-part session will open with a statement from WIPO Director General, Daren Tang. The event will continue with a presentation of key findings from the Global Publishing Industry report that offers a window into the patterns and trends underlying global publishing activity. The global report covers three market segments: retail; educational; and scholarly, academic and scientific publishing. Key indicators covered include net publishing industry revenue from sales and licensing, the number of titles published and sold, the number of publishers, and employment in the industry. The session will conclude with a presentation of new research from the Creative Economy Notes series by WIPO on the re-use of comic characters across the book, movie and video game publishing industries.