African Conference on the Strategic Importance of IP Policies to Foster Innovation, Value Creation and Competitiveness

Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania - March 12 and 13, 2013

Organizers: WIPO and the Japan Patent Office, in cooperation with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania 

This Conference aims to increase understanding of the importance of intellectual property (IP) for business development and wealth creation and of its impact on economic growth. It will provide an opportunity to:

  • address, inter alia the current state and importance of African innovation for finding solutions to face development challenges;
  • ponder on how an innovative environment can be created, promoted and sustained, and how innovation solutions can be converted into marketable products. 

The Conference is open to policy makers (including ministers responsible for trade and industry and science and technology as well as representatives of regional economic groupings), chief executive officers of businesses, heads of IP and research institutions, and representatives from regional and international organizations.

Main topics:

  • Innovation policies and strategies with an emphasis on the gaps related to the minimum required for an innovation to produce an impact;
  • Use of existing knowledge and information embedded in knowledge bases (including patent databases, technology and innovation support centers (TISCs), PATENTSCOPE, WIPO Re:Search, etc.), along with appropriate innovation research training, tools and techniques, to find solutions to problems and carry them forward with a long-term vision and commitment;
  • Use of the IP system to promote and capture innovation in Africa and identify the common elements of an effective innovation policy and what are the IP elements that should be integrated into such a policy.



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