John Alty

Director General, Fair Markets


John Alty has been Director General, Fair Markets, since September 2005. He is also the sponsor Board Member for the Insolvency Service and Companies House.
John has worked in BIS and its predecessors throughout his career, except for a two-year secondment to the European Secretariat of the Cabinet Office in the mid 1980s.
Before joining Fair Markets, John headed up the Business Relations group in the Department between 2002 and 2005 where he was responsible for the Department’s interests in various business sectors.


Born 2 Dec 1956; Education: Oxford University (BA Classics 1978)

Career: DTI/BIS 1978 -: European secretariat of the Cabinet Office (secondee) 1984-86; PPS to Ian Lang and Margaret Beckett as Secretaries of State 1995-98; Director, European policy, Enterprise and Innovation Group 1998-2002; Director, Business Relations, Business Group 2002-05: Director-General Fair Markets Group 2005-

Professional Bodies: Member, Financial Reporting Council 2005-07