Mohamed Nour Farahat


Chief, Permanent Copyright Office, Cairo

 Current job

Professor of Legal philosophy at Zagazig University – Egypt & Law practitioner in Farahat's Law Office.



  • In 2001: The Egyptian State award of excellence in the field of social science.
  • In 2004: The Egyptian State award of appreciation in the field of social science.

Membership in Professional Committees and Councils

  • The legal Committee in the Egyptian Academy of Science;
  • The Council of social science in the same academy;
  • The Legislative Committee in the Egyptian National Council of Women
  • The Legislative Committee in the Egyptian National Council for Childhood & Motherhood.
  • The legal committee in the Supreme Council for Culture (reporter)

Activities within the Arab Lawyers Union

In 1984 was selected as a part time manager of legal research centre of the Arab lawyers union which is located in Cairo.

Activities within the Arab Institute for Human Rights

As a representative of the ALU I was a member of the Executive board of the Arab institute for human rights located in Tunisia and financed basically and supported by the UNOHCHR. (from 1985-1994)

Activities with the United Nations

  • In November 1995 I have been assigned by the UNOHCHR to work for one year as the manager of its project of human rights technical assistance to Mongolia.
  • In 1997-1999 I have been recruited by UNDP as a Consultant to the UNDP/UNDESA project in Uzbekistan on governance, human rights and democracy.
  • In September / October 1999 I was recruited by the UNOHCHR as short term consultant to participate in the H.R needs assessment mission in Sudan.
  • In April 2002 I was recruited by UNESCO to write a report on the aspects of intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia affecting the Arab societies.
  • In 2003 & 2004 I was recruited by UNDP as a member of the core team for the 3rd & 4th Arab Human Development Reports.
  • In 2003 I was selected by the National Democratic Institute as a member of the Legal reform mission to Maldives.
  • In Sep. 2006 I was recruited by UNDP Cairo Office as an expert for the outcome evaluation for human rights UNDP projects in Egypt.

Principal Publication

Many publications (either books or articles) in the field of legal history, philosophy &sociology and on human rights focusing upon the Arab countries.


The mother language is Arabic. The knowledge of English and Russian languages is good.