Marybeth Peters

Register of Copyrights
Copyright Office
United States of America


Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights since August, 1994, has been with the Copyright Office for almost 45 years. During that time she served as a music examiner, Chief of the Information and Records Division, Chief of the Examining Division, Senior Attorney, and acting General Counsel. During 1989-1990 she was a consultant on copyright law at WIPO. She has an expert knowledge of the copyright law and the practices and procedures of the Copyright Office.

She graduated from Rhode Island College in 1961, and in 1971 she received a J.D. degree with honors from The George Washington University Law School. She has been an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of America, the University of Miami and The Georgetown University Law Center. She also serves on the IP Advisory Boards of several law schools. For her work as director of the Copyright Office she has received many awards. She is a frequent speaker on copyright law. She delivered the 1996 Brace Memorial Lecture at Columbia University Law School and the Copyright Society’s 2004 Horace Manges Memorial Lecture, which are memorialized in law review articles.