Dr. Merav Mack

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Dr. Merav Mack received her PhD in Medieval History from the University of Cambridge. Her dissertation is entitled "The Merchant of Genoa: the Genoese, the Crusades and the Latin East (1187-1220s)". She received her Master's degree from the Hebrew University. Her dissertation on the city of Tyre in the Middle Ages included textual analysis and mapping of the crusader city.

Dr. Mack continues her research of medieval history and also of modern technology in the field of semantics of digital archives and libraries and the ways in which they interact with researchers (www.cambridgeresearch.co.uk). She has recently led a survey of historical archives and libraries in Jerusalem on behalf of the Institute of Historical Research (IHR), University of London (www.writtenheritage.org).

Dr. Mack has been advising Givat Havivah in its project of the digital preservation of the Historic Palestinian Newspaper Collection. She is also consulting the Dayan Centre at Tel Aviv University in its preliminary stages of digitising its collection of over 23 million pages of Arabic newspapers and magazines of the Middle East in the past 60 years.



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