Dr. Michiel Kolman

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Senior VP Global Academic Relations

Michiel Kolman is a Senior Vice President within the Global Academic and Customer Relations group at Elsevier, focussing on academic and library relations. He joined Elsevier in 1995 and has been in various core publishing positions, during which he launched one of the first on-line journals in the industry: New Astronomy. His most recent publishing role was Publishing Director, after which he spent one year on innovation for Reed Elsevier. The last four years Michiel was Managing Director of the Elsevier office in Frankfurt, Germany, heading up the Global Pharma Discovery group. During his tenure there the coveted Beilstein Database was acquired by Elsevier. Prior to Elsevier he worked for Kluwer Academic Publishers, which is now part of Springer Verlag. He holds an undergraduate degree from Leiden University in the Netherlands and a PhD in astrophysics from Columbia University in New York where he studied with a Fulbright scholarship.