Mr. Carlos Davila

Carlos Dávila was born in Mexico City in 1965. He studied Industrial Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and received a Master’s degree in Finance
from the University of York in the United Kingdom. Dávila worked in the financial sector for 13 years, but in November 2003, he started working in the film industry when he was Assistant Director in the Mexican feature film NOTICIAS LEJANAS (NEWS FROM AFAR) by Ricardo Benet which won the Jury Prize in “Biarritz Film Festival” in France (2005) and the Best Film award in the “Mar del Plata film festival” in Argentina (2006) among other important awards, after competing in more than 30 film festivals around the world.

In 2004, Dávila was one of the 5 winners (out of 100 projects) at the Mexican Film Institute’s 4th Short Film Projects National Contest. The award allowed him to shoot his first short film BAJO LOS ESCOMBROS (UNDER THE RUBBLE) which participated in the Official Selection of 18 international film festivals around the world (2005-2006) including the prestigious “Tribeca Film Festival” which was founded in 2002 by Robert de Niro, in New York, after the “September 11”. In Tribeca, BAJO LOS ESCOMBROS (UNDER THE RUBBLE) was the first Mexican short film competing in the Official Selection.

Since 2006, Dávila has been working as Executive Producer for several feature films taking advantage of a new “tax incentive” named “226 Article from the Income Tax Law” that is planned to significantly increase the national production of feature films in Mexico. An important feature film that will be partially financed (49%) by Dávila with this “tax incentive” is DE LA INFANCIA (FROM CHILDHOOD) the new film of the prestigious Mexican filmmaker Carlos Carrera, who directed THE CRIME OF PADRE AMARO (Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film in 2002).