Transcript from the Video Interview with Sopharma on the Madrid system

"We are producing generic medicine. It is important to have them branded to give customer the possibility to receive for a certain price a certain quality. Your trademark is something very important for the customer. 

We are producing medicine. So, it is a branch where intellectual property has to be protected in the correct way. We are proud that at Sopharma, we have a very good department protecting our intellectual property.

Every product which is under development and is going on the market has to have its own trademark.
Our practice is to protect the trademark first in Bulgaria, and simultaneously with that in all countries where our company has interest.

Mostly, we are using the Madrid System because we think this is the best and fastest way to protect our property.
The Madrid System is giving companies a lot of advantages. It costs quite less than other methods to protect your IP or trademark. We have a presence in a lot of countries which are in Asia or in Africa and so on. We register, as an average, in a minimum of 16 countries. So you can imagine that is quite an advantage on the cost side.

The Madrid System is ten times cheaper because if we want to file in each of ten countries separate national application, the taxes, the attorney fees, and all these small inconveniences which we will have with the different legislation and countries, will cost us first time, second money and a long period of obtaining the filing of national application. With the Madrid System, we don’t have this problem.

From the other side, the Madrid System is giving you flexible possibility to upgrade your registration.

Thanks to the subsequent designation and the possibility to file, we were able to expand our market interest.

I think the Madrid System is protecting our interest in a better way.

Use it, don’t doubt it, just use it."