Transcript from the Video Interview with Sony on the Madrid system

"Sony is a global entertainment company providing unique and exciting user experience with very cool electronic devises and media equipment. We also help distribute entertainment contents such as music and films of musicians and movie studios. We would like people to understand Sony as something new, something cool, something excellent.

Counterfeiting is one of the biggest problems to Sony to secure trademark protection throughout the world we use Madrid System in dealing with those counterfeiting problems.

In 1968 we filed our first international application with the Madrid System for our corporate brand "Sony". As our business has grown worldwide, we have used the Madrid System with national registrations to keep pace with our business activities. It has become important to use a stable and simple global trademark system. Currently, we have about 120 trademark registrations for Sony through the Madrid System.

We can secure trademark protection in multiple jurisdictions around the world by filing one international application. We can also maintain the registration and renew it by a single process, which takes effect across multiple regions. Another advantage is that it often shortens the period of examination. The Madrid System minimizes attorney fees compared to multiple national applications in each country. In addition to our corporate brand Sony, we also have other brands that provide strong support for our business, such as HandyCam, VAIO, Cybershot, and Bravia.

As our business expands worldwide, it will be necessary to strengthen our corporate competitiveness. We believe that our brands are important tools to differentiate our products and services in the international market. Cutting edge internet technologies, and rapidly growing network environments, have made geographical boundaries invisible.  Our business opportunities have greatly shifted from conventional mediums to diverse platforms.

The Madrid System is the most effective global trademark system, for the borderless network era. We would like Madrid System to expand its coverage and membership particularly in regions such as Latin America and South Asia. We encourage other people to utilize Madrid System because it's simple and cost effective."