Transcript from the Video Interview with Ingelec on the Madrid system

"Ingelec and the logo are very known in Morocco and in Western African countries. Ingelec means safety and quality. For the consumer it is the very important because electricity is a dangerous product. 

Ingelect is a Moroccan company. We produce and sell a large range of electrical appliances. We bring lots of innovations to the market like new designs and also new mechanism for more safety and ergonomy.

When you communicate on your trademarks you create fidelity of your consumers which increase the value of the product. The value of the mark is much more important than physical assets like factories, buildings and stocks.
If your mark is protected then you have an asset for your company. It is very important when the companies want to protect their interest, and if they have their mark protected or registered, they can fight against illegal use of the mark.

I like the facility of using the Madrid System to register our trademarks abroad. It is very simple and very practical. You can fill in the form existing on Internet and you can deposit a trademark in a foreign country from Morocco, in our own language. We also work on old mark and we deposit it in new countries.

We use this fabulous system for about 60 per cent of our portfolio of trademarks.

We can see the difficulty of registering a trademark in a country not part of the Madrid System. If we want to deposit directly to this country, it would cost a lot of money and a lot of time.

It is easy and it is cheap. It is very simple and it is very practical.

I am very proud that Morocco is member of the Madrid System."