Madrid System Case Study – Podoactiva: Walking Hand in Hand with Intellectual Property

July 22, 2022

We have published another outstanding case that highlights how the Madrid System helps companies to manage their portfolio of international registrations. Today we present the case of the Spanish company Podoactiva S.L.

Podoactiva started as a small podiatry clinic in Huesca (Spain) in 1994. After two decades of growth, it now has clinics in eight countries around the world and more than 300 employees.

The innovation-focused company has created 3D template editing software and an automated manufacturing and assembly line for customized templates, capable of managing up to 6,000 different combinations for one template.

(Photo: Podoactiva)

As the firm has expanded into other countries and given its focus on innovation, Podoactiva has seen the need to register its products and services beyond Spain. Find out how the Madrid System has helped it to obtain protection rights in very different markets, in a one-off procedure and with the option of carrying out all the formalities in Spanish.

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