Introducing eMadrid – Your New Gateway to all Madrid System Online Services

April 26, 2022

We have just launched our new digital gateway, eMadrid, providing you with centralized and secure self-service access to all the Madrid System online services and tools you need to manage your international trademark registrations. You can access the new eMadrid gateway via the MENU of the WIPO IP Portal. Simply select "Trademarks > File & Manage".

Image of the eMadrid homepage displayed on different devices
Note: While the eMadrid gateway is new, we have not changed the functionality of the actual services that you are already using to manage your international trademark portfolio. Launch of the eMadrid gateway is the first in a series of upcoming improvements that will ensure better user experience.

Key benefits of eMadrid

  • Log in just once – using your WIPO Account – to access all our services and interactive tools;
  • Easily manage your international trademark portfolio, in a secure and self-service environment;
  • Check the status of your requests online, in real time;
  • Ask for assistance whenever you need it using our HELP resources and online contact options.

Don’t have a WIPO Account? Create your WIPO Account in just a few clicks.

Supporting tools and resources

We’ve also grouped together all the supporting tools and resources that you need when you file and manage your international trademark registrations. From checking the legal practices of Madrid System Members to calculating fees and compiling lists of goods and services, our eMadrid reference page ensures that you have everything at your fingertips. Simply select "Trademarks > File & Manage" from the WIPO IP Portal MENU.

What next?

We will be adding more new and improved online services to eMadrid, enabling you to, for example:

  • remove some or all goods and services for the designated Madrid System Members in your international registration (cancellation); and
  • request correction of an error (typographical or factual) in the International Register.

Feedback and queries?

We would welcome your feedback on eMadrid, so that we can keep enhancing your online experience. Contact us!

eMadrid – helping you throughout the life cycle of your trademarks.