Madrid System – New Statistical Data for 2021 Released

February 14, 2022

New statistical data on the Madrid System show a 14.4% surge in international trademark filings in 2021. With 73,100 applications filed, WIPO’s international trademark system saw its fastest growth since 2005.

Who were the top filers in 2021?

L’Oréal of France, with 171 Madrid applications, surpassed Novartis AG of Switzerland to become the top filer of international trademark applications in 2021.

Company Country Number of applications filed
L'Oréal France 171
ADP Gauselmann Germany 120
Glaxo Group United Kingdom 110
Huawei Technologies China 98
Novartis AG Switzerland 94

Which countries are the biggest users of the Madrid System?

U.S.-based applicants filed the largest number of international trademark applications (13,276) in 2021, a 32.5% increase on the previous year.

Graph showing which countriers were biggest users of the Madrid System in 2021, and percentage variation compared to 2022

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