Learn about the History of the Madrid System in our New Podcast

December 9, 2021

Do you know how the Madrid System came to be? In our new podcast series WIPOD – International Trademark System Talks, we cover perspectives, insights, as well as the historical background of WIPO’s Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks.  

The podcast International Trademark System Talks will feature experts and practitioners, with a new episode released every month. You can listen to it on the main streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

The first episode is already available for you to discover. In this one, our host takes you through the known history of trademarks from Prehistory to the Industrial Revolution. In the next episodes, you will learn about the historical events that led to the Madrid Agreement in 1891, such as the Paris Conference on Industrial Property of 1880 and the Madrid Conferences of 1890 and 1891.

In these 15-minute episodes, you will discover historical information, as well as amusing stories and curiosities. For example, did you know that some of the oldest brands stem from beer manufacturers? Or why Madrid, the capital of Spain, became the birthplace of the International Trademark Registration System? Curious to know more? Tune in to get the answer to those questions and other fun facts about the System.

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Additional learning material from the Madrid System

This podcast comes to complement our portfolio of educational content, namely Madrid public webinars and ‘How-to’ video tutorials.

Madrid Webinars

In these live, interactive sessions held in six languages, WIPO experts teach you how to make the most of the System by covering a wide range of topics, from filing an international application to managing your international trademark registration.

When attending a live session, you will receive a certificate of attendance

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Madrid ‘How-to’ video tutorials

These short video tutorials aim to answer your most frequently asked questions regarding the management of your international registration with on-screen examples and visual aids. They will help you navigate key transactions with ease and confidence, as well as avoid common misunderstandings and errors. Find all the Madrid ‘How-to’ video tutorials on our dedicated page or on WIPO’s YouTube channel.

For applicants

If the applicant fails to indicate an email address in an international application, this will result in an irregularity, which the applicant may remedy within three months from the date of the notification of the irregularity by WIPO.

If the applicant fails to correct the irregularity within that period, the international application will be considered abandoned. If corrected, this irregularity will not affect the date of the international registration.

The new requirement applies to international applications received by the Office of origin on or after February 1, 2021.

For new holders

If the new holder fails to indicate an email address in a request for the recording of a change in ownership, this will result in an irregularity, which the new holder may correct within three months from the date of the notification of the irregularity by WIPO.

If the new holder fails to remedy to the irregularity within that period, the request will be considered abandoned.

The new requirement applies to requests for recording received by WIPO or by the Office concerned on or after February 1, 2021.

For representatives

Failure to indicate the email address of the representative, appointed as such in the international application, in a request for recording or in a separate communication, will result in an irregular appointment.

WIPO will inform the applicant or holder, the purported representative and the Office concerned, if any, of this fact and will send all relevant communications only to the applicant or holder until a representative is appointed.

The applicant or holder may appoint a representative in a new communication using form MM12.

The new requirement applies to appointments made on or after February 1, 2021, in an international application, request for recording or in a separate communication.

An irregular appointment will not prevent the international registration or change in ownership from being recorded in the International Register.

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