Madrid e-Filing Now Available to Turkish Brand Owners

December 2, 2021

Turkish trademark holders looking to protect their marks abroad can now apply online through the Madrid e-Filing service.


The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT) is now giving access to the Madrid e-Filing service to trademark applicants via its website. Brand owners will have the possibility to file international applications online.

An integrated key feature includes in-app access to the Madrid Goods & Services Manager that allows users to check the classification of terms in their list of goods and services.

Today, the adoption of Madrid e-Filing by the IP Office of Turkey brings the number of users of this WIPO solution to fourteen.

The extension to Madrid e-Filing allows Turkish brand owners to take advantage of another main feature: the ability to communicate with their Office of origin and immediately receive and respond to irregularities issued by WIPO electronically. This feature is available to all participating Offices and helps to save a significant amount of time in the processing of international registrations.

Other key benefits

  • Reduced application irregularities associated with manual data input, as the national IP office’s database prepopulates key information
  • Direct access to the Madrid Goods & Services Manager for listing goods and services and checking acceptability of terms across 39 contracting parties of the Madrid Protocol
  • A streamlined certification process at the Office of Origin
  • Synchronized filing with WIPO
  • Live application status displayed in the e-Filing dashboard
  • One service covering the whole registration process

How to use the Madrid e-Filing service

  1. Log on to the website of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and select  “Madrid e-Filing Uygulaması Bağlantı Linki" under “Uluslararası Marka Tescil Sistemi Bilgisi”.
  2. Enter the basic application/registration number and check the fields prepopulated with data from records from TÜRKPATENT.
  3. Select the designated Contracting Parties and goods and services for protection.
  4. Update mark, holder, representative and language correspondence details.
  5. Pay the handling fee for proceedings of the applications under the Madrid Protocol to TÜRKPATENT as described and the fees to WIPO using a Current Account at WIPO or a credit card.
  6. Upon certification by TÜRKPATENT and the confirmation of payment, the system sends the application directly to WIPO for registration.
  7. Respond to irregularity letters when necessary.
  8. Receive your international registration number.

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