Madrid System Case Study Highlight: Ausnutria, Milk Powder from the World “Golden Milk Source Belt”

September 2, 2021

We continue with our highlights of key case studies giving you practical insights on how companies across various industries use the Madrid System to their advantage. Our latest study focuses on Ausnutria, the Chinese global dairy company.

Ausnutria was established in 2003 in China, in response to a time when dairy resources were extremely scarce. After growing its business for 17 years, Ausnutria has now become a global dairy company with a complete industrial chain from milk collection, production to market sales, owning 8 overseas factories, and developing sale service networks in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.


Ausnutria strives to deliver the highest quality dairy products and cooperates with top research and development institutions across the world to build its own global intellectual property chain. Since its inception, the company has established its milk sourcing and production among several first-class overseas areas, namely in the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, effectively spreading strategically across the world's “golden milk source belt”.

Through several acquisitions and joint ventures, Ausnutria successfully established its international layout globally. But at the same time, with the addition of business sub-units and continuous expansion into overseas markets, Ausnutria accumulated more trademark and brand assets with an increasingly urgent demand for international brand protection.

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We will be highlighting more of our latest case studies throughout the rest of the year, featuring innovative companies across a variety of different industries.

These case studies will provide you with insights into how companies can make the most of the Madrid System to support their global expansion and how protecting your mark abroad can help you obtain wider market recognition and increase your global competitiveness. Stay tuned!

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