Experience More Madrid ‘How-to’ Video Tutorials on our Dedicated Tutorial Page

May 29, 2020

We continue to release more Madrid ‘How-to’ videos on our dedicated tutorial page, helping you to master some of the key transactions when managing international trademark registrations.

Our Madrid ‘How-to’ videos are designed to answer your most frequently asked questions with on-screen examples and visual aids to support you in navigating the registration process and transactions with ease and confidence. They help you to avoid the common misunderstandings and errors that can arise when requesting transactions.

Video: How to renew international registrations (part 1)

The latest transaction we tackle in our tutorials is the renewal of your international registration. In our two-part video, we go over the renewal process before and after the due date, the costs associated to it as well as modifications to international registrations before and after the renewal.

Visit our Madrid ‘How-to’ videos page to learn more about various other transactions including limitations, renunciations and cancellations.

The benefits in brief

These video tutorials have been tailored to assist you in grasping the basics of various Madrid System transactions in less than five minutes. They also provide website resources and useful tips for requesting transactions with WIPO, and with IP offices of Madrid Union members.

All ‘How-to’ videos are available on our Madrid video tutorials page.

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