Latest Updates on Madrid Goods & Services Manager

February 14, 2019

Many changes have been introduced to the Madrid Goods & Services (MGS) Manager since the beginning of 2019. For example, the database is now aligned with the 2019 eleventh edition of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services, which includes 215 new terms. Also, the Georgian Intellectual Property Office is a new participant, taking the number of contributing national and regional offices to 35.

New terms in MGS Manager

Before filing an international trademark application, Madrid users need to determine the list of products and services to be covered by the mark. The updated Madrid Goods & Services (MGS) Manager helps trademark applicants compile and classify their lists by providing access to an extensive collection of terms and descriptions, including an alphabetical list of the Nice Classification of Goods & Services (9,982 terms in English), plus terms approved by WIPO and 35 participating IP offices. All of this amounts to over 100,000 new terms added by the close of 2018.

With a monthly increase of over 300 new English terms, MGS Manager gives users an ever-expanding range of terms, which offers them greater flexibility and reduces the risk of refusals.

(Image: Getty Images/alengo)

MGS Manager now available in Georgian

The beginning of 2019 heralded a new partnership between the Georgian IP Office (Sakpatenti) and WIPO. This collaboration brought with it further enhancements to MGS Manager.

Applicants can now use MGS Manager to translate goods and services lists into Georgian(this is in addition to the 18 languages already available in the system’s translation tool). What’s more, Georgian trademark holders can now check the acceptability of terms listed in their application across 35 contracting parties to the Madrid Protocol simply by using the ‘Check acceptance by designated Contracting Party’ tool.

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