Madrid E-Filing Now Available for Austrian Brand Owners

January 15, 2019

Austrian trademark holders looking to protect their marks abroad can now apply online through Madrid e-filing. The Madrid e-filing service is a simpler and more secure way for trademark applicants to expand the scope of international protection for their mark through the Madrid System.

Following the launch of the service in the Georgian IP office in November 2018, the Austrian Patent Office is now also offering the e-filing service to its trademark community.

The Austrian Office for Trademark Applications highlights that applications via Madrid e-filing are not only cheaper than paper applications, but also include national fees in just one payment to WIPO.

(Image: Getty Images/alengo)

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced application irregularities, thanks to the national IP office’s database prepopulating key information.
  • Direct access to the Madrid Goods & Services Manager system for listing goods and services, and acceptability across the 35 Contracting Parties of the Madrid Protocol.
  • Advanced German-to-English translation tools for goods and services descriptions.
  • A streamlined certification process at the Office of Origin.
  • Synchronized filing with WIPO.
  • Live application status displayed in the e-filing dashboard.

How to use the new service

  1. Log on at the Austrian Patent Office website.
  2. Enter the basic mark/application reference and check the prepopulated application (based on data from the Austrian IP Office’s records).
  3. Select designated Contracting Parties and goods and services for protection.
  4. Update mark, holder, representative and language correspondence details.
  5. Pay the fees using aWIPO Current Account or credit card.

Upon validation, the system sends the application directly to WIPO for registration.

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