Madrid E-Filing Now Available for Georgian Brand Owners

November 15, 2018

Georgian trademark holders can now apply online to protect and manage their marks abroad through the Madrid e-Filing service.

Following on from the Benelux and the Australian intellectual property (IP) offices, the Georgian IP office (Sakpatenti) becomes the third in a growing list of IP offices participating in the Madrid e-filing service – a more secure and simple way for trademark applicants to expand the scope of international protection for their mark through the Madrid System.

(Image: Getty Images/imaginima)

Sakpatenti’s effort to contribute to IP protection on the local, regional and global arena is now reflected in a simplified registration process through WIPO’s e-filing system.  The mutually beneficial partnership between Sakpatenti and WIPO creates a positive atmosphere in Georgia conducive to the development of IP protection and an increase of innovation activities

Ani Khoshtaria, Head of International Affairs and Project Management Division, Sakpatenti

What are the benefits for trademark applicants?

  • Reduced irregularities as data is prepopulated using the national IP office’s database
  • Direct access to the Madrid Goods & Services Manager to compile a list of goods and services and check their acceptability in 35 contracting parties of the Madrid Protocol
  • Streamlined certification process at the Office of Origin
  • Synchronous filing with WIPO

How does it work?

Log on to the Sakpatenti website and:

  1. Enter the basic mark/application reference and check the pre-populated application (based on data from the Georgian IP Office’s records)
  2. Select designated Contracting Parties and goods and services for protection
  3. Update mark, holder, representative and language correspondence details; and
  4. Pay the fees using a WIPO current account or a credit card

Upon validation, the application is sent directly to WIPO for registration.

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