Madrid Monitor Tutorials

Watch our Madrid Monitor tutorials to learn how to follow the status of all international trademarks registered through the Madrid System. Tutorial videos are currently available in English only.

Launch Madrid Monitor

Getting started

With Madrid Monitor, you can easily search for a specific trademark, or browse and use the tool’s targeted filters to narrow down your results. Begin a Simple Search by entering one or more words, numbers, dates, classes or countries. The smart search function helps you along the way by suggesting appropriate fields or terms.

Simple search

If you have an international registration number, simply type the number in the search box then press ‘Enter’ (or select the search icon). The record associated with that number will appear. Click on the record to access the trademark’s details. You can also enter any word in the search box. Madrid Monitor will suggest possible terms as you type. Choose one or simply press ‘Enter’ to view the results. A list of trademarks and holders associated with that term will appear.

Filter results

You can apply multiple filters to narrow down your search results. To modify your results, you can remove any one filter at a time, or use the trashcan icon to clear them all. You can also add new filters at any time when viewing your results.

View and download trademark records

When viewing a specific record, you can access all publicly available details of the related application or international registration. To download the record, select the download icon at the top of the results page. You can also subscribe for update alerts by clicking on the star icon; you’ll get an email anytime the trademark record changes, for example when a new decision or grant of protection is issued. You'll need a free WIPO user account to access this feature.

Advanced search

If you need to combine multiple search criteria, you may prefer to use the Advanced Search. This feature is designed for more experienced users. To access the Advanced Search option, select ‘advanced search’ from the left-hand menu. This interface makes it easy to run complex searches using multiple fields and Boolean operators (and, or). The most frequently used criteria are displayed by default, but you can add more by using the dropdown arrows.

Save and share trademark reports

Many users rely on Madrid Monitor to carry out trademark studies and reports. Saving and sharing these reports can be particularly useful if you are running complex searches. To save and share, simply select the download button when viewing your results to download the current page in your preferred format. (Note that based on our Terms of Use, only one page can be downloaded at a time.) You can use the display dropdown menu to select up to 100 records per page. The link icon allows you to bookmark and share your search so you can run it at a later date and view the updated results.

Madrid Monitor even lets you set up email alerts so you can easily keep track of changes to a trademark registration, such as a new grant of protection or other decisions by a country or region you have designated. To set up an alert for a specific trademark record, select the record (from your search results page) and click on the star icon. The monitor button gives you access to all the marks you're watching. Use it to retrieve and manage your list of alerts.

Browse WIPO Gazette of International Marks

The WIPO Gazette of International Marks is the official publication of the Madrid System. You can use Madrid Monitor to access the WIPO Gazette. Simply select the WIPO Gazette tab located on the main search page. Browse by Gazette chapter or search for a specific trademark. Conveniently, whenever you are browsing a specific trademark record, the WIPO Gazette tab allows you to view all the Gazette entries related to that mark.

Real-time updates

Madrid Monitor also provides real-time monitoring of documents as they are being processed by WIPO. This is particularly helpful if you are an applicant. In the Realtime Search tab, enter your international registration number or other available reference information. Your search will give you access to a complete and up-to-date list of publicly available documents that have been processed by WIPO.

You can also access real-time details of a mark by clicking the Realtime tab when viewing a specific record. Download or bookmark your real-time status results using the icons on the top of the page.