Download Madrid Monitor Update Files

You can download Madrid Monitor update files from the UN International Computing Centre (ICC) ftp site.

Access details

  • User ID: anonymous
  • Password: guest
  • Directories: /wipo/madrid/romarin

The files are named based on the relevant date ( and contain the current state of all marks that have changed during the course of that day, together with the relevant mark images.  The files must be processed chronologically.

  • Documentation for XML file format ZIP, Documentation, XML file format
  • Use of a special ftp program to download the files is highly recommended. However, you may also access the files through your web browser.

For technical support, please contact us. Be sure to provide technical information about your environment (network, operating system, browser version, etc.) when you submit your request, and confirm that your environment allows you to access other anonymous ftp sites. (You can confirm access by trying to connect, for example, to the text archive of the Gutenberg project.)

The full Madrid Monitor database is available in XML format for CHF 30,000.


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